Looking for the best novated leasing on the planet?

Bigger Savings

Less Hassle

More Good

Novated Leasing is Incredible...

Save Time & Money

Reduce income tax, GST & payroll tax, increase cashflow, convenience and peace of mind.

Retain Talent

Attract and retain your talent with benefits that reduce the cost of living.


We remove the mystery and the hassle to make the whole process online and easy.

User Experience

That’s why we founded Auto-UX, to flip the user experience on its head.

Build your own FREE Quote

We’ve built the first DIY novated leasing platform on the planet, which means you don’t need us anymore (sort of). Because you now have the power to build your own quotes, at anytime, on any device.

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A Novated Lease saves you money...

Fleet Discounts

Benefit from fleet discounts on vehicle purchase price, fuel and servicing.

Save GST

Take 10% off the purchase price of your car as well as many of the running costs.

Pay Less Tax

Reduce your income tax by paying for finance and maintenance out of your pre-tax salary.

A Novated Lease saves you time...

We Source the Car

We’ll do the negotiating for you and get you a great deal.

One Monthly Cost

Streamline your cash flow. One fixed amount per month covers all costs.

Everything is Taken Care Of

We manage payments to the finance company, fuel card providers, service centres and more.

Why Auto-UX?

Bigger Savings

Competitive Interest Rates

We have a lower cost business model to our competitors which means we pass more of the savings onto our customers.

Less Hassle

No Junk Insurances

We don’t sell some of the dodgy products that our competitors do, & that keeps total costs for customers down.

More Good

Low Fees

Our technology delivers a lower cost to serve, so we offer fees lower than most other suppliers.

Novated Leasing
for Employees


Per Year on a Novated Lease*
$ 0

*Indicative savings. Subject to change without notice. Based on a new BYD Dolphin, driving 15,000kms p.a. on 36-month lease, $19,691 inc GST residual on $100,000 annual salary including superannuation. Subject to terms and conditions detailed at www.auto-ux.io/terms/

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Novated Leasing
for Employers

Give a

Payrise to Employees at Zero Cost^
$ 0
^Payrise is indicative only. Calculated by grossing up the after-tax savings of an employee earning $150,000 per annum including superannuation, packaging a new Tesla Model 3, driving 15,000kms per annum on a 3 year novated lease with $32,006 inc GST residual. Subject to terms and conditions detailed at www.auto-ux.io/terms/

For Employers, Novated Leasing delivers many benefits

Free Payrise

Salary packaging reduces an employee's income tax, increasing take home pay at no cost to the company

Attraction & Retention

The financial benefit and employee experience of novated is a powerful part of your EVP

Reduce Payroll Tax

By reducing the gross wages bill of your company through novated leasing, Payroll Tax is reduced


Using the employee contribution method of eliminating FBT means novated leasing costs the company nothing

Low Touch Admin

Auto-UX provides an end-to-end salary packaging service making it easy for employers

Auto-UX Tip: ​

Did you know you can get a Novated Lease on a new or used car, or even a car you already own?

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Looking for the best novated leasing on the planet?

Bigger Savings

Less Hassle

More Good

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