Richard Hopkins Appointed Innovation Advisor

Richard Hopkins Appointed Innovation Advisor

We are pleased to announce that Richard Hopkins has been appointed Innovation Advisor at Auto-UX.

We recently announced our partnership with the UNSW Sunswift Racing Team. Since that time we have spent many hours with their Professor of Practice Richard Hopkins learning about the amazing work his team did to build the solar powered Sunswift 7 that went on to win the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. We’ve also enjoyed hearing about their next project… Sunswift 8, which is set to significantly disrupt the status quo in non-fossil fuel powered automotive technology.

That got us thinking. Auto-UX is on a mission to disrupt the novated sector by leveraging technology to flip the user experience on its head and we’re always hungry for out-of-the-box thinking to help us achieve our vision.

We got talking about how Richard could play an advisory role in our business, and today we are excited to announce that Richard has joined Auto-UX as our Innovation Advisor.

We’ve put him to task early in ‘road-testing’ Auto-Pilot, the first self-service novated leasing platform in Australia that we launched this week, and his feedback and insights have been invaluable.

Over coming weeks we’ll be releasing video footage from an interview we did with Richard after his testing of the Auto-Pilot platform – stay tuned!

Richard spent decades in  Formula 1 racing with McClaren and Redbull before joining UNSW Sunswift Racing and Auto-UX. You can check out his fascinating background here.

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