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Benefits of offering Novated Leasing?

Free Payrise

Salary packaging reduces an employee's income tax, increasing take home pay at no cost to the company.

Attraction & Retention

The financial benefit and employee experience of novated is a powerful part of your EVP.

Reduce Payroll Tax

By reducing the gross wages bill of your company through novated leasing, Payroll Tax is reduced.

Liability Sits with Employee

The ultimate liability of an employee’s lease lies with the employee. If the employee leaves the business, so does the lease.

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Why Auto-UX?

Bigger Savings

Competitive Interest Rates

We have a lower cost business model to our competitors which means we pass more of the savings onto our customers.

No Junk Insurances

We don’t sell some of the dodgy products that our competitors do, & that keeps total costs for customers down.

Low Fees

Our technology delivers a lower cost to serve, so we offer fees lower than most other suppliers.

Less Hassle

24/7 DIY Platform

No need to deal with telesales reps during inconvenient 9-5 business hours. Staff build their own quotes, on their own terms, & in their own time with the first DIY novated leasing platform on the planet.

100% Paperless

All processes are 100% digital with no hard copy paperwork for you to complete.

Easy to Understand

Our quotes, systems and processes are easy to understand & implement.

More Good


We offer 100% transparency on finance rates & commission.


We’re a proud partner of the UNSW Sunswift Racing Team and support the automotive projects of the future.


We support the Climate Council to help drive down carbon emissions at scale.

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Novated Leasing
for Employers

Give a

$ 0
Payrise to Employees at Zero Cost^
^Payrise is indicative only. Calculated by grossing up the after-tax savings of an employee earning $150,000 per annum including superannuation, packaging a new Tesla Model 3, driving 15,000kms per annum on a 3 year novated lease with $32,006 inc GST residual. Subject to terms and conditions detailed at www.auto-ux.io/terms/

How does a Novated Leasing program work?

The Auto-UX novated leasing program enables employers to offer employees a convenient and cost-effective way to manage their personal vehicles through salary sacrificing.

Our end-to-end service includes sourcing cars, financing cars and managing all aspects of the running costs for employees through one fixed monthly budget. We bill the employer monthly, and the employer deducts the expense from the employee’s salary making it cost neutral for the employer. It’s that simple.

The effect of this 3-way agreement between Auto-UX, the employer and the employee is that your employees’ taxable income is reduced, they pay less income tax, and the company’s payroll tax decreases – at the same time that employee engagement increases!

Benefits for Employees?

Fleet Discounts

Benefit from fleet discounts of up to 30% on vehicle purchase price, fuel, servicing and tyres.

Save GST

Take 10% off the purchase price of the car as well as many of the running costs.

Pay Less Tax

Reduces income tax by paying for finance and running costs out of pre-tax salary.

What’s included in our employer Novated Leasing program?

Paperless Employee Approval

Forget the paperwork! Approving an employee for a lease is as easy as a couple of clicks.

Payroll Advice

On lease commencement we send you a payroll advice that makes it simple to set (and forget) the payroll deductions.

Tax Invoice

Not all tax invoices are created equal. Auto-UX provides the details to ensure payroll and accounts payable remain friends.

Monthly Reporting

Each month we provide reporting that gives you visibility on leasing uptake and our overall management of the program.

Fringe Benefit Reporting

At the end of each FBT year we provide you with a report that makes it easy to know you have effectively offset any liabilities.

Fast Terminations

When a lease ends or an employee exits, we provide you with a concise termination advice so that payroll can wrap things up in record time.

Marketing Support

We have a wealth of marketing assets to support your business and help you and your employees maximise the benefits.

Looking for the best novated leasing on the planet?

Bigger Savings

Less Hassle

More Good

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