Auto-UX Appoints CTO

Auto-UX Appoints CTO

Auto-UX is pleased to announce that Nathaniel Mak has joined the team in the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Nathaniel comes to us with more than 20 years of experience in delivering complex technology solutions, with 15 of those years as the CTO at Autopia in the novated leasing sector and the last 5 years as CTO at HR SaaS company Mumba.

The addition of Nathaniel to the Auto-UX team is one that industry insiders will recognise as a strategically significant move.

The Journey to Auto-UX

Nathaniel was the co-founder of Autopia alongside Jeffrey Morton, who in 2004 developed AutoDrive. AutoDrive was the proprietary novated leasing platform that powered Autopia from startup to industry heavy weight before its sale to Smartgroup Corporation in 2016.

In 2006, after the initial build of AutoDrive, Jeffrey and Nathaniel hired our very own Greg Parkes (Auto-UX Founder & CEO) to take the product to market and build the sales and marketing engine for growth. Over the next 13 years Nathaniel and Greg developed a highly effective and complimentary partnership that propelled the Autopia business forwards.

When Greg left Autopia, he went on to become the Managing Director of Mumba, and 6 months after his appointment, Nathaniel came across to join him. Over the next 4 years, Mumba grew significantly in its technical product offering, business operations and customer base.

Now, after nearly 20 years of working together, they again join forces to make an impact with Auto-UX. We asked Nathaniel what his motivation for joining was.

“When I left the novated leasing sector, I thought that I would never come back. It was such an important chapter in my career. I then enjoyed my time in the HR SaaS space, and the experience expanded my thinking on how much technology has evolved and how much potential it has to make our lives better.

But I also missed thinking and talking about cars. I’ve always loved cars and the freedom they represent for me. When I saw that Greg was building a technology business to reinvent the novated leasing experience, I just had to get involved, and bring some of my new thinking back to a space I know so well.” Nathaniel said.

Greg Parkes is understandably excited to have his Auto-UX CTO join the team, and had this to say,

“Nathaniel is a rare technology executive in that he combines an excellent understanding of technical strategy, with strong commercial acumen, well-developed people leadership capabilities and the ability and willingness to get his hands dirty and lead from the front. He’s also a great mate and we have a lot of fun working together.”

The Future

Auto-UX is a technology company reshaping novated leasing reality. Our mission is to deliver the best novated UX on the planet. We invite you to watch us, follow us, and join us for the future of novated leasing.

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